Why is fur of the polar bears white?


The reflection of your face to the water is not that clear
Ice cap
• below-freezing
• found in greenland and all of antarctica
• too cold for moisture
• only precipitation is light snow
• almost no plants - too much ice
• desert like status

polar or tundra
• always cold
• brief summers
• little precipitation
• permafrost thaws - muddy and marshy - slow evaporation
• plants come up during brief thawing period

sub-polar or subarctic
• long very cold winters, short cool summers
• precipitation is light to moderate
• low evaporation - flatter areas w/ poor drainage stay wet in summer
• climate of canada + northern russia
Believe it or not, their hair isn't actuallywhite! Their long outer hairs, which protect their soft, thick undercoat, are mostly hollow and transparent. The thinner hairs of their undercoat are also colorless. Polar bear hair lookswhite because the air spaces in the hairs scatter light of all colors.

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