What kind of elements has less than 4 valence electrons?


Hydrogen- only 1 val. electron
helium- only 2 val. electrons
also metals have less 4 valence electrons
Boron group, transition metals, alkaline earth metals and alkalimetals. 
Alkali metals that (lithium,sodium,potassium,rubidium,caesium,francium)


Elements that has a valence of less than 4 electrons are mostly metals and form a positive ion after ionic bond. They have large atomic radius, low ionization energy, low electron affinity, and low electronegativity.  

Looking into the periodic table, the family that has 4 less than 4 valence electron are  Family 1A the alkali metals that has 1 valence electron, Family 2A The alkaline earth Metals that has 2 valence electron, 3A in which only the Boron  is a metaloids and transition metals under 3B.  

metal found in the left side of the periodic table ,it has less than 4 valence electrons

Metal elements have less than 4 valence electrons.


Boron Group

Oxygen Group

Boron Group (group 13) Boron, Aluminium, Gallium, indium,thallium,and nihonium.
Group 13 (III) (boron group)3 Group 14 (IV) (carbon group)4 Group 15 (V) (pnictogens or nitrogen group)5 Group 16 (VI) (chalcogens or oxygen group)6

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