If these tissues were injured or diseased what will happen to the organism?


The organism can fail to work or it will work improperly. It can also the cause of other diseases.
The organ system will malfunction.
It  will  depend  on  how  serious  the  injury  or  disease  is
It possible that the organism can Die or its disease make it more worst and it possible to the that kind of organism can regenerate its tissue damaged
An organism will triggered some other parts in the organ system

The organism will also be injured/diseased as well since whatever will happen to the tissues it will also affect the other parts and the whole organism.

Since an organ system are made up of organs and that organs are composed of tissues, a damaged or diseased tissue therefore would weaken an organ and make the whole organ system inoperable or failable at the behest of its function in our body.

Plants will die


Couz plants are sensitive

It will not work normalu

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