How should the mirrors be arranged such that ang infinite number of images will be formed or seen?


They should be arranged facing each other to form an infinite number of images.
Mirror should be facing each other so that there would be unending  reflection of images
I think mirrors should be facing each other so that whatever is reflected by one mirror will be also reflected by the other so the process of reflection of images will be sort of unending
For as to see an infinite number of images, the mirror should be placed parallel to each other so that it can produce an infinite number of images.
Facing each other. Just like a portal to infinity. Example: Put one mirror on the left side and one on the right side. Both facing each other. In that way, you'll see an infinite image through the mirror.

It can be seen when two mirrors face each other in a parallel manner

By aligning the mirror but not in a parallel way

It should be arranged parallel to each other.

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