Ano ang wala sa plant cell and animal cell



Animal cells each have a centrosome and lysosomes, whereas plant cells do not. 

FeaturesPlant CellAnimal CellSizeUsually larger in size (10 to 100 micrometers)Relatively smaller in size (10 to 30 micrometers)ShapeUsually rectangular and more rigidIrregular in shapePlasticityShape is permanentPlastic; can change its shapeNucleusFound on one sideUsually found in the centerCell WallPresent (made up of cellulose)AbsentVacuoleContains one large central vacuoleContains numerous small vacuoles embedded in the Junctions & Desmosomes

AbsentPresentFood StorageFood is stored in the form of starchFood is stored in the form of own food through photosynthesis.Cannot photosynthesize. Check out the Cellular Respiration here.CytokinesisOccurs by cell plate formation methodOccurs by furrowingSpindle Fiber FormationSpindle fibers formed are anastral (no asters in each poles of the cell)Spindle fibers formed are amphiastral (asters present in each poles of the cell)TonicityWill not burst when placed in a hypotonic (lower solute concentration) solutionWill burst when placed in a hypertonic (higher solute concentration) solution

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