This is another term for the flower's stalk.


We have studied the different parts of a flower and its function or purpose. We have fully understand the essence of flowers in our environment. It has parts like petals, ovary, pigment, etc. One of its parts is what we call the stem. The stem is the flower's stalk. It helps the flower to stand firm and it serves as the flower's foundation against strong winds.
The stalk of the flowers can be also called as pedicel
scape is another term for flower stalk

the answer is letter b


Penducle is from New Latin pedunculus, which is a diminutive form of Latin ped-, meaning "foot." It refers to the stalk (or footstalk) holding up a flower, fruit, etc.

b. Stem


The stalk supporting a single flower is called a pedicel, that supporting an inflorescence, or an isolated flower, a peduncle. Anther: The pollen-bearing body of the stamen, usually relatively compact, and supported at the end of the narrow filament.

Another term for flower stalk is scape

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