Complete the following statement: moving a metallic detector past a 5 peso coin creates a secondary magnetic field that is most similar to that
a. a horse shoe magnet
b. a flat refrigerator magnet
c. a current-carrying, circular loop
d. a v-shape straight wire that carries a current


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C.) A current-carrying,circular loop
B) a flat refrigerator magnet

C. A current-carrying, circular loop

Magnetic field is an area around the magnet or current-carrying conductor where there is magnetic force. It is caused by electric field. It maybe represented by a continuous line of force, called magnetic flux. It could also be represented mathematically by quantities called vectors.

Magnetic force is the attractive or repulsive force that is exerted between the poles of magnet and electrically charged moving particles. A current-carrying conductor could experience a magnetic force in magnetic field.

Two Vectors of Magnetic FieldMagnetic flux density (magnetic induction)Magnetic field strength (magnetic field intensity)

André-Marie Ampère

French scientistJanuary 20, 1775 - June 10, 1836Lyon, FranceStudied the relationship of magnetism and electricityDiscovered that magnetic fields are created by moving charges (current)

Magnetometers - device measures local magnetic field.

Define magnetic field:

Differentiate the electric and magnetic field:

Magnetic field originate:


d. A V-shape straight wire that carries a current

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