If the roots were injured or diseased what do you think will jappen to the plants


If the roots were injured of course it can damaged the plant.
If the roots were damaged then the plant will struggle from getting the sufficient amount of nutrients it needs. The plant will eventually die due to lack of nutrients.
If the roots of the plants were injured or diseased, the plants will no longer absorb water and nutrients from the soil and the plants will eventually die because of lack of nutrients from the soil.
If the roots has a diseased i think it will die or sometimes slow growing
If the roots are injured the plant will DIE
If roots were injured or diseased the will wilt and wither then eventually it will die if it is not able to grow new roots that will absorb water

The roots are the parts that absorb nutrients and water from the soil, so if they are injured or diseased the plant will probably die - it depends on how many of the roots are damaged.

The plant will wilt because the ROOTS are damage which they absorbed water, minerals and oxygen...

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Easy, it will die. But if the plant is big, if its damaged, it will grow back because plants have acids in their roots which help them regrow and dissolve rocks.:)


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