When a small object is placed on the principal axis of a concave mirror between the focus and the mirror (as in the figure below), the image formed is
a. erect, magnified, and virtual
b. inverted, magnified, and real
c. inverted, reduced, and real
d. erect, reduced, and real


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answer--- Option(b) Principle Focus.

A ray Perpendicular incident to the principle axis it passes through the Focal point which is located on the principle axis of the mirrors.

In case of Convex mirror too, the image is appears to pass from the focal point.

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When rays parallel to the principal axis of a concave mirror are reflected, they pass through the principal focus or in the Focal Point (F).

Where if light rays are near and parallel to the principal axis and if it is reflected from the concave mirror and it will converge or pass through at the focal point F. The focal length f is the distance between the focal point and the mirror.


Point of focus in a mirror​
c. inverted, reduced, and real

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