If these parts of the heart were injured or diseased what do you think will happen to the organism




Why should you be concerned about electrical hazards?

What OSHA standards address electrical safety?

How do OSHA's standards minimize electrical hazards?

Electricity: The Basics

What affects the flow of electricity?

How does water affect the flow of electricity?

What causes shocks?

What effect do shocks have on the body?

What kind of burns can a shock cause?

Why do people sometimes " freeze" when they are shocked?

What should you do if someone " freezes" to a live electrical contact?

How can you tell if a shock is serious?

What is the danger of static electricity?

Protection Against Electrical Hazards

What is the best way to protect yourself against electrical hazards?

What protection does insulation provide?

How do you identify different types of insulation?

What is guarding and what protection does it offer?

What is grounding and what protection does it offer?

What are circuit protection devices and how do they work?

What work practices help protect you against electrical hazards?

How can you protect yourself against metal parts that become energized?

How can you prevent an accidental or unexpected equipment startup?

How can you protect yourself from overhead power lines?

What protection does personal equipment offer?

What role do tools play?

What special training do employees need?

What's the value of a safety and health program in controlling electrical hazards?

How Can OSHA Help Me?

How does safety and health program management assistance help employers and employees?

What are state plans?

How can consultation assistance help employers?

Who can get consultation assistance and what does it cost?

Can OSHA assure privacy to an employer who asks for consultation assistance?

Can an employer be cited for violations after receiving consultation assistance?

Does OSHA provide any incentives for seeking consultation assistance?

What is the Voluntary Protection Program?

How does the Voluntary Protection Program work?

How does VPP help employers and employees?

How does OSHA monitor VPP sites?

Can OSHA inspect an employer who is participating in the VPP?

How can a partnership with OSHA improve worker safety and health?

What is OSHA's Strategic Partnership Program (OSPP)?

What do OSPPs do?

Are there different kinds of OSPPs?

What are the benefits of participation in the OSPP?

Does OSHA have occupational safety and health training for employers and employees?

Does OSHA give money to organizations for training and education?

Does OSHA have other assistance materials available?

What do I do in case of an emergency? Or if I need to file a complaint?


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Depends on the extension and the place in the heart where the injury occurred. But the chances of survival are minimal.

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