Rift valleys and oceanic ridges q28.what are common in the four pictures


They are all products of divergence of plates.
The four pictures shows a crack between the lands
The falls, because more has discovered a falls
The common in the four picture are cracks...

The common among the pictures is the formation of divergent plate boundary, where it forms the rift valleys and oceanic ridges.


The indication that the plate is spreading or splitting apart is the the formation of Rift Valleys and Oceanic Ridges. Divergent plate boundaries are mostly situated in along underwater mountain ranges called Oceanic ridges. Once the plate separated, new materials from the mantle appears and fill up the gaps, producing new ocean floor.

Great example of oceanic ridge is Mid-Atlantic Ocean ridge that caused the divergence of the African plate and the South American plate.

Meanwhile, due to the spreading center develops within a continent, the plate may break into segments. The breaking then produced faulted valleys called rift valleys.

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Q28: each pictures has a fracture or crack on its land masses.

Q29: The earth's crust is moving away to each other very slowly or 3-10 cm per year.

Q30: If this event continues to move for another million of years the crack will become wider and wider that it would cause to form a Riff Valley.

Q31: the answer is on page 28 figure 20.

Q28. Water/Waterforms/Bodies of Water

Q29. the crust of the earth's being eroded by water, creating canyons and valleys on the surface and trenches on the seafloor

Q30. the earth would have numerous depressed (or lowly elevated places) like canyons, valleys and trenches.

Q31. draw a sectional drawing of a canyon, valley or trenches to show the lowly elevated part with relation to the highly elevated part or its nominal elevated level before becoming a canyon, valley or a trench.

q24. тнe ѕтrιpѕ oғ clαy ωιll go υpωαrdѕ

q25. мoυnтαιn rαngeѕ ωιll вe ғorмed

q26. eαrтнqυαĸe, cαυѕe oғ volcαnιc αcтιvιтy

q27. convergence oғ вoυndαrιeѕ мeαnѕ colιѕѕιon oғ тωo plαтeѕ, dιvergence oғ вoυndαrιeѕ мeαnѕ ѕplιтιng, αnd тrαnѕғorм ғαυlт вoυndαry мeαnѕ pαѕѕιng тнroυgн eαcн oтнer

q28. тнere αre α ѕpαce cαlled тнe rιғт vαlleyѕ αnd oceαnιc drιғт, α prodυcт oғ тrαnѕғorм ғαυlт вoυndαry

nasan naman yung picture? Lagyan mo ng picture

The gap or fissures on lands which are called rift valleys and oceanic ridges on the pictures are all product of divergence of plates.
Rift valleys and oceanic ridges q28.what are common in the four pictures

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