What happens when you flicked slowly the cardboard ? explain . thanks


the core is a 2003 science-fiction film wherein the world is about to encounter its impending doom because the earth’s outer core is stalling. it is revealed by a geophysicist that if the liquid outer core stops rotating then the earth’s electromagnetic field will collapse, making the earth vulnerable to disintegration. the only way they can save the earth was to somehow restart the activity in the outer core. to do so, a group of scientists and astronauts were formed. together, they build a ship equipped with high powered lasers and capable of extreme heat. using the ship, the team must navigate its way to the outer core and release series of nuclear explosions. after a couple of mishaps and losing a few scientists, their mission was a success and the earth is brought back to normal.

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The coin dropped into the glass.

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answer: tropic and tropicalexplanation: the tropics are the region of the earth surrounding the equator. they are delimited in latitude by the tropic of cancer in the northern hemi...Read More
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The type of waves that is useful to seismologists in their study of the earth's interior is the body waves. body waves are the waves that can travel on the earth's interior so it i...Read More
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