What is the advantage of timing for a minute to find your pulse


You may know how fast your heart beat
If its when your heart is pulpiting very fast

To know if you're "Fit" the normal fit person's pulse is 60 to 100 while 60 below is unfit.


when resting, timing for a full minute can be an advantage because your pulse rate is slow, when you count for a full minute, the result will be more accurate than just counting for a shorter period of time and then multiplying.

The pulse of a human is very important, without it, you can't live. One of the advantages of knowing your pulse is that you can actually know if your pulse is in the normal rate, if your pulse always exceeds the normal rate, then something is wrong. With this, this is a very big advantage because you can actually know if there is something wrong with your heart.
To know if the victim is alive.

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