Color blindness is a recessive, sex-linked disorder in humans. A color blind man has a child with a woman who is a carrier of the disorder.
KEY: Xx-normal female, xx-normal female (carrier), XX-red-green color blind
female (homozygous), XCY=normal male, XºY = red-green color blind male​


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Normal expression or Regular expression?


Regular expressions describe strings of symbols drawn from a finite alphabet, as well as ways to combine such strings into longer strings.

From: Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology (Third Edition), 2003


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A regular expression (shortened as regex or regexp; also referred to as rational expression) is a sequence of characters that define a search pattern. Usually such patterns are used by string-searching algorithms for "find" or "find and replace" operations on strings, or for input validation.

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A color blind son


The mother's genes is a lot stronger than the man.

1. D
2. I think B
3. A
4. C
5. B but i’m not sure hehe


Females will have two X-linked alleles (because females are XX), whereas males will only have one X-linked allele (because males are XY). Most X-linked ... One example of an X-linked trait is red-green colorblindness. Let (Xc) ... Females that are X+X+ or X+Xc have normal color vision, while XcXc females are colorblind.

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