What is the characteristics of a rubber ball before and after adding water


When its not yet wet it kind if dry and when its wet it kind of smooth
Try to roll a rubber ball before adding water, it moves fast but when you roll it after adding water, it will move faster because it becomes slippery
The rubber ball didn't absorb water because its rubber
Study hard do it yourself -_-

Rubber, contains the properties of elasticity in it. This means that it can stretch and extend, then return to its original state. Its properties, however, changes after water is added. The opposite happens if hot water is poured, which makes the rubber CONTRACT, instead of expanding it.


Rubber, contains the property of elasticity on it. This means that it can stretch and extend, then return to its original state. It's properties, however changes after water is added. It depends on the kind of water you added to surround the rubber ball

before: dry after: wet

It floats or It doesn't absorb water 

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