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Monsoons, generally referred to as rainy season in india, have direct and indirect impact on indian economy especially agriculture sector. as the stats say, agriculture contributes to 16-18% of india’s gdp.

moreover, india ranks first among the rain fed agricultural countries of the world both extent-wise and as per production value. nearly 60% of total net sown area comes under rain fed agriculture, rest being irrigated agriculture. this shows its huge dependency on monsoons for agriculture.

rainy crops (or commonly known as kharif crops) like rice, wheat, barley, paddy, bajra/pearl millet and others are monsoon crops that are totally rain-dependent. in the months of july-october, kharif crops are cultivated and harvested.

monsoons have direct impact on farmers’ life and crop production. and have indirect impact as they affect exports, other sectors depend on agriculture like manufacturing, transportation, automobiles and food industry.

another reason is that rain is natural and pure source of water, and hence available for free all over india. whereas, sources of irrigation such as dams, wells and other groundwater sources are not available easily in many areas.

majority of the farmer population falls in low income group. insufficient rains only add to the agony and plight of farmers by hitting them financially.

the irrigation techniques may be a good alternative in case of inadequate monsoon but they are costly too. so, the irrigation techniques like sprinkle and drip irrigation are mostly carried out by rich farmers.

so this is why, rains will always hold more importance and more fruitful than the irrigation techniques.


composite cones or stratovolcanoes - are large, nearly perfect slope structure formed from alternate solidification of both lava and pyroclastic deposits.

one example of that is:

- mayon volcano

Making an observation.Stating a question.Formulating a hypothesis.Conducting an experiment.Analyzing the data and drawing conclusions.

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