What is your expectation in science



I expect plenty of things in the field of science, one of these are the sub-fields: physics, biology and astronomy.

I also expect a lot of experiment time, groupings, and most of all, discussions that will tackle bajillion of topics regarding Science itself, like plate tectonics, theory of evolution and a wide array of famous Scientists.

I expect that i will learn everything about that subject.

to have a further understanding about the universe, other galaxies, planets, black holes and possibly signs of life. as well as evidences that could support the big bang theory

students are expected to listen,study,provide life connected answers so that no one will fail.


follow back for more help ser.

Science will be amazing, awesome and can teach me things I haven't yet known.


Science for me can teach me all about the world and the universe.

My expectation in science is it's all about experimenting.



Academics. I expect my students to listen, participate and try. You will have to work for your grades. I am not unfair - I realize that all students learn best in different ways, and will incorporate as many different learning styles as possible in my classroom. At the same time, students are encouraged to take responsibility of their own learning.

Behaviour. I expect my students treat themselves, their peers and their teacher the same way that I will treat them . . . with respect.



Well... I expect that Science 7 will be more exciting and harder than i thought... But when we started our class, it was not hard after all.

Experiments and more

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