From the seismogram, the distance to the epicenter can be determined by measuring a. the arrival time of surface waveb. the difference in the arrival times of the p and s-wavesc. the ratio of the amplitude of the largedt p and s-waves d. the speed of the surface wave



it cracks and the map cracks too


at least 10 products or solutions found at home or in stores and their characteristics

here are 10 products or solutions found in our homes or stores and their characteristics:

dishwashing liquid

chocolate milk

baking soda



laundry detergent

soy sauce



fish sauce (patis)  


a container of dishwashing liquid is a common sight on our kitchen counter near the sink. we apply it to clean everything we've used after preparing and having a meal.  

dishwashing liquid is:



low to medium viscosity

able to produce lather

able to remove dirt and oil from surfaces.  

chocolate milk is basically cow’s milk with sugar and vanilla. kids and adults love their taste which makes it a regular in the grocery store’s dairy section.  

chocolate milk is:



bitter( in a good chocolaty way)


having a box of baking soda around the house is always a good thing because of its many uses.

the characteristics of baking soda:

white to off white in color  

it tastes salty  

have the ability to disinfect  

leavening agent  


it is a gritty powder

bleach is a chemical product used in our homes for the purpose of cleaning stubborn dirt on many things such as white clothing, bathroom floors, sinks, and others.  

bleach can be described as:

translucent liquid with a slight hue

mostly bluish or yellowish  

low viscosity  

somewhat caustic  

no kitchen will be complete without a bottle of vinegar waiting to be used in cooking or just plain dipping.  


comes in different colors depending on the source  



disinfecting properties

laundry detergent is something you must have if you own a washing machine, for those who don’t, a detergent bar would do fine. it is used to wash our dirty clothes.  

laundry detergents are:

they can be powdery or molded into a bar


comes in different colors


they create lather

can dislodge most dirt from our clothes.  

soy sauce is an essential cooking ingredient we get from the market or grocery stores.

soy sauce is:

dark in color


it is a liquid

has a very low viscosity  

distinct and indescribable odor  

salt is a must in our kitchen, it goes into all of our meals and is essential for health in the correct amounts.  

salt is and can be:

well, salty in taste  

it is usually white  

sandy in texture  

comes in various grain sizes  

has the ability to preserve organic materials  

has disinfecting properties

sugar is used in every home because it adds sweet goodness to our food, drinks and is a major ingredient in desserts.  

sugar has these characteristics:

it is odorless


regularly comes in granules but can be processed to a powdery form

has the ability to preserve organic materials like fruit.

fish sauce flavors many of our meals here in southeast asia. we add it to our food while we are cooking and may be used as a dip during meals.

fish sauce can be described as:

having a distinct salty taste

has a unique salty smell

it has the same viscosity as tap water

it is a clear liquid with a brownish color in varying degrees, depending on the source.

all these products are found in our grocery stores and public markets for use in our homes.    

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