List down three example of matter that found at home


Matter is anything that occupy space and has mass. All around us are made up of matter. Matter is composed of tiny particles called Atom. Solid , Liquid , Gas are state of matter 3 examples of matter found at home: Liquid- 1.) Water--uses : water is a colorless, odorless material that need by everybody. 2.) Oil-uses: useful for cooking. Gas - Oxygen --uses: an element that mixed up with the air that is necessary for breathing.
Bed - solid
water - liquid
bar soap -solid

Solid has definite shape and volume, liquid has definite volume with no definite shape. On the other hand, gas has no definite shape and no definite volume.There are so many materials in our respective house. Some of them are solid such as chairs, curtains and spoon.Others are liquid such as alcohol, vinegar and soy sauce. Gas on the other hand are fart, oxygen and even the steam of soup. 

Tables, plates, drawers, chairs, desk

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