Aboy and a girl are pulling a heavy crate at the same time with 10 units of force each. what is the net force acting on the object


It is 0 because they pull the crate with the same force at the same time.
Is it in opposite direction? if so, the et force is ZERO
If the boy is pulling the opposite direction to the girl.
Fnet = Fn + Fg
= 10 units + (-10 units)
= 0 units or Balanced Force

If the boy and girl are pulling in the same direction.
Fnet = Fn + Fg
= 10 units + 10 unit
= 20 units or Unbalanced Force or Net Force
F=20 because it didnt said  that the two pulled it oppositely so 10+10 is 20

zero since they are exerting the same force


it depends on wether they are in opposite direction, if they are pulling it in opposite direction, the netforce will be 0, if they are pulling it in the same direction, it will be 20.





5 is the answer
Friction I think that's the answer

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