Relationship among location of volcanoes earth epicenter and mountain ranges


When the earthquake occurs the epicenter of the earthquake will develop mountain ranges Mountains Or the soil may go down the and become magma ; The magma melts and become a Lava which has been erupted by the volcano when the magma melts and the Volcano will erupt when the earth reaches its maximum temperature.
When relation of them in common is that if volcanoes are near the ring of fire there is the earthquakes and that earthquakes is bear the mountain ranges and the epicenter is block by the mountain ranges
If you observed the relationship among that geologic activities. they where situated in the same place or area.
As you observed the following geologic activities situated in the same place or area.

According to the theory of plate tectonics, Earth is an active planet. Its surface is composed of many individual plates that move and interact, constantly changing and reshaping Earth's outer layer. Volcanoes and earthquakes both result from the movement of tectonic plates.

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 Volcanism can also occur at intraplate volcanoes. These volcanoes are believed to have sources deeper down in the Earth's mantle that remain in a relatively fixed location relative to the always migrating plate boundaries. Mauna Loa and Kilauea in Hawaii are the classic examples of intraplate volcanoes. Such volcanoes can also be seismically active, particularly when volcanic structures are built up rapidly. The crust must respond to the extra load and relieves this stress through tectonic activity

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