How does the law of interaction affects your daily lives?​


where's the question and your answer? provide photo please.

by “science literacy” i assume you mean that people get smarter thanks to more education. for example, as more people learn about information technology, more small and medium-seized businesses appear with new products, which contribute to the economical growth.

i don’t have the statistical data to answer such a question - you’d probably have to ask an economist or a statistician, if you want an exact and scientific answer to that question.

but you ask “do you think? ”, so i feel it’s ok to say what i think: yes, it is my impression that increased education stimulates economic growth, and i see many examples of that in tv news, where they often show new inventions created by young people.

the biggest hindrance for economic growth is in my opinion tax cuts for the rich. it causes the gap between rich and poor to increase and hence blocks for consumerism. phrased in another way: if the middle class disappears or is impoverished, it cannot afford to buy the many new products created by smart young people, and as a result the economy stagnates

Though we cannot recognize them, even in the smallest of actions comes from the law of interaction. Simply by opening and closing the door, pushing a cart, and many more.

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