Given the chance to become an ambassador for wildlife organisms, which organism would be your first priority to protect and conserve? why?



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As an ambassador, the first organisms I'll protect would be those who are endangered and in the brink of extinction. Regardless of what country you are in, it is important to save them because once these animals die out, they would never come back. Their whole species would be gone forever in the face of the Earth.

These animals are species who are very likely to become extinct in the near future. While extinction is indeed a natural process, it is ironic that majority of the factors causing them harm are due to human activities. With the advancement of technology comes more convenient ways to end their lives. Illegal logging which leads to habitat loss, poaching and overhunting which leads to loss of genetic variation are just a few examples on how humanity brought their line destruction.

Mountain gorillas, tigers, Asian elephants, orangutans, leatherback sea turtles and snow leopards are just among the approximately 120,000 species who are close to dying out. Every day, roughly 150 to 200 don't make it too. With the vulnerability of these animals, it only makes sense for the rest of us to protect them from the very threat to their existence – which is also us. As an ambassador, I call to take action and protect all of them because they desparately need us to survive. In the end, the fate of these organisms will always be in our hands.

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