Choose your arguments between “technology is an instrument to achieve human goal” and “ technology is what humanity does” Discuss your answer.


Yes, because it reduces human efforts to do work quickly through your goals.

Yes it can be if we use it in the right way



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Technology is what humanity does!

The advent of technology into the life of human has eventually change the how human beings view on being a human.

Technology allows us to be more faster and updated in our daily life undertakings which make things easier for us from communication and others. But with technology we don't act as a human being anymore sense of touch is no longer evident, emotions may no  longer be that visible for everything is based online.

We forgot the value of listening and be physically able to one another because social media's and emails are now able with just one click of it. Our being human is affected as such we act as based on technology already to the point of acting and pretending to be someone who is not who you are just to be accepted in the world where technology leads.

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