What are the ways that the living and nonliving parts of this ecosystem might interact with each other and how the living things interact with each other? ANSWER ASAP ITS WORTH 40 POINTS​


Technically, environment is the sum total of all the surroundings whereby
living organism, including natural forces and other living things interact. This
provides also the conditions for the development and growth as well as of danger
and damage that might happen. There are different types of environment and
cach is characterized by certain conditions.
Environment mainly consists
of atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere. Some of these types
of environment are:
1. The natural environment encompasses all living and non-living things
occurring naturally. It is made up of naturally occurring resources like water,
land, air and all organisms that live in nature. It comprises the nature of the
living space.
This is in contrast to artificial environment or man-made
environment like in a fishpond.
2. Industrial environment is a term used to describe working conditions that may
be outside of your home. Industrial environments are usually harsher than
normal work environments, such as in an
office. In an industrial environment,
people and equipment are exposed to more extreme conditions,
3. The social environment consists of the sum total of a society's beliefs, customs,
practices and behaviors. It is, to a large extent, an artificial construct that can be
contrasted with the natural environment in which we live.
Q1.what are the things that you see in your school garden or the nonliving.
- Plants, insects, and gardening tools.
Q2.which of these things are living?which of these things are nonliving?
- Plants are living while tools are not.
Q3.observe the things that you identified a living.what do they have in common?
- they are all amazing and a magnificent creature.
Q4.observe the things that you identified a nonliving.what do they have in common?
- They might be hard.
Q5.what interaction do you observe happening among the living and nonliving things?
- Non-living things compliment the living ones.
Q6.what make living things different from nonliving?
- Living things are decomposing while non livings are not.
Q7.what do these small plants need that is provide for by the rock?
- It needs a support.
Q8.where do you find these rocks that are inhabited by these small plant?
 - Somewhere beside the drainage.
Q9.what other things in the environment are inhabited by these small plant?where do find these thing?
- Woods in forest.
Q10.why do you find them in these places?
- Because the place suits them.
Q11.do you also see small growing on the fences of your school?
- Yes.
Q12.what other living and nonliving things did you see in the school. garden or the pond?do you see them in other part of the school?explain your answer?
- Soil and sand. I don't see it to other part of the school.  Because it is cemented.
Q13.do you know of a similar place near your school wher you see communites of organism?
- Yes.
Q14.are the things you find in your school garden or the pond the same things that you find in the backyard of your house?your answer.
- Yes. We have the same thing.
Q15.how do living things interact with each other and with their enviroment?
- Non-living things compliment the living ones.

some undergo predation, some have give and take relationship


living things interact with nonliving things is like plants transform LIGHT energy into chemical energy, plants interact with WATER in order to grow, plants absorb CARBON DIOXIDE and cleansing it creating fresh OXYGEN.

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