How can changes in temperature make rocks break?​


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The main cause of weathering is extreme changes in temperature. One example is that there might be a crack in a rock. Rain can then seep into the crack and expand as it freezes. This causes small cracks in the rock to grow larger, forcing the rock to split apart.



Temperature changes can also contribute to mechanical weathering in a process called thermal stress.Changes in temperature cause rock toexpand (with heat) and contract (with cold). As this happens over and over again, the structure of the rockweakens. Over time, it crumbles.

Changes in temperature cause rock to expand (with heat) and contract (with cold).

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Rainfall and temperature can affect the rate in which rocks weather. High temperatures and greater rainfall increase the rate of chemical weathering.  Rocks in tropical regions exposed to abundant rainfall and hot temperatures weather much faster than similar rocks residing in cold, dry regions.


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