How would you reconcile the advantages and disadvantages the GMO's bring to human?​


There are a lot of fantasies, and frank BS being written here by people who are pathologically afraid of GMOs.

Can GMOs cause problems? Sure. Sometimes. Under some conditions. But that ISN'T because they are GMOs. THE FACT THEY ARE GENETICALLY MODIFIED HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. It is because they are sometimes misused by people. But how is that different from any other agricultural crop? If you grow or raise the wrong crop in the wrong way, or wrong place, or you do the wrong thing to it, you can damage people, the environment, and other crops.

Now, it is true that sometimes GMO organisms have properties that do different, and sometimes even unexpected things. THAT is what GMO is all about. To give crops and animals new abilities. Sometimes those things have not yet been learned or completely understood, but the problem there is NEWNESS and perhaps people not being cautious enough. With everything new that GMO brings, we are learning, just like we are learning to deal with all of the other ‘new’ manifestations of science in our lives, our cultures, and our world. It took many years and much experience to learn to do the right things in agriculture. Any time you introduce a new crop or a new animal into agriculture, there is something of a learning curve, from the ‘experts’ on down. And GMO is no different.

There is truly nothing completely new or scary, or ‘Frankensteinish” about GMO. There are just (relatively) small things that we need to learn and get experience with, so we can make decisions about what is the best approach and the best way to do things in the future. New possibilities both require new knowledge and help to generate that new knowledge.

GMO modifies genes. Well, so does evolution and selective breeding. Evolution and selective breeding create their own problems, sometimes, and there literally is no reason that ‘targeted direct genetic modification’ should be any different. Or any worse.

Some people say, “We don’t NEED it!” Well, when has THAT ever stopped us. If the world had ever just stuck with what it NEEDS, you would still live in a very primitive society, without the ‘unnecessary’ benefits and conveniences of modern life. And you wouldn’t have the problems of modern life, either, but rest assured you would have a whole different set of problems, and many of them would be worse in many ways. And in fact, you probably wouldn’t be alive, because no one EVER NEEDED to develop the technologies that make our population and your life possible. Human beings push for advances, TRYING to make things better. Why should we ever stop?

Some people try to say that “Only rich, uncaring megacorporations benefit from GMO.” Are you kidding me? Not just food and things like that, but an incredible amount of the current advances in medicine are happening through genetic engineering, and Genetically Modified Organisms. We are learning to fight cancers and autoimmune problems and infections through genetic modifications.

Do you know anyone who is a diabetic who takes insulin? Then you know someone who depends on GMO for the insulin they need to stay alive. And we have been using genetically modified organisms to grow our biosynthetic insulin for close to 40 years now. Decades ago, one of the first uses of GMO was to put human insulin genes into yeast, so the yeast could grow and produce human insulin. Until then diabetics had to depend on insulin extracted from pigs or cows, and those helped, but THEY AREN'T HUMAN INSULIN. They didn’t work as well, and they sometimes even caused real problems. Human insulin, grown in yeast, revolutionized insulin treatment, and has been used now by hundreds of millions of people in countries all around the world. And we have saved countless lives of babies and young children, and adults.

Don't let people, who really DO NOT know and understand, try to tell you of the potential ‘horrors’ of GMO. Again, they truly have a pathological fear that is not based on reality. We ALL benefit from GMO, and we will learn and understand how to do it better. Just like all other new knowledge.

Before I go, there is one more thing that I feel I MUST bring up. Just as we have had the Age of Mechanization, and the Age of Electronics, and the Space Age and Computer Age, WE ARE ON THE VERGE of the Age of Genetic Engineering. Genetically modified organisms, AND GENETICALLY MODIFIED PEOPLE will become the norm. Designer plants and animals will be everywhere. Why grow a tree so you can cut it down and make it into boards, and then turn the boards into a chair? Why not just grow a chair? Genetic Engineering is about to change the world FAR BEYOND ANY CHANGES SO FAR in human history. It won’t happen tomorrow, but it is coming. So people need to grow up and start thinking about the important stuff that we will have to deal with, and not worry about our current Kindergarten toys of GMO. All of this so far is just practice.


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GMOs will not bring any advantages to humans. Because They will solve no problems. Even if they yield in small increase in percentage of food



How would you reconcile the advantages and disadvantages that GMO's bring to humans?Only badly-educated people who don’t understand science and frankly stupid people are in favour of GMOs. GMOs will not bring any advantages to humans. They will solve no problems. Even if they yield a small increase in percentage of food available they will cause irreversible damage to the ecological systems of the world. They will put them out of balance. Plants and animals will find that the world they inhabited has become artificial and synthetic, that there is no place for them anymore. As the world increasingly becomes out of sync the knock-on effect will hit humans as well. Any percentage increase in food produced will almost immediately be offset by the increase in population. The real problem is overpopulation. There should be enough food for everyone even without modern farming methods - with farming methods coming along why is there still not enough? Because people just said hey let’s overpopulate more and they will do it again with GMOs. Why is overpopulation being allowed and even encouraged in some places? This is due to greed also. It suits corporate interests to have more people so they can get more work from them and sell them more stuff. Overpopulation creates strain and fear in people. And fear is a very valuable thing to corporations. A very large amount of people in the world today would not work half as hard if they had all the best food available already. It’s all money. The world is going down a very, very dark path and I don’t know what will happen but you can be sure that GMOs are a terrible spanner to throw into the works and will not help at all.

how could you reconcile the advantage

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