What are the small ways that you think would promote safekeeping our biodiversity?​


ANSWER:Small ways to promote safekeeping of biodiversityDo not throw garbage anywhere Recycle materials to become useful Planting of trees in the riverside and in the slopes Reporting illegal activities like dynamite fishing, logging, and other activities Buying of energy-saving appliances to save energy Using bicycles as a substitute for motorcycles or cars especially when the destination is just a few blocks away. when the destination is just few blocks away.Consequences if illegal human activities are stopped and prohibitedOur mountains will have more tress The rivers and seas and other bodies of water will be clean and have an abundance of fish Landslide, flash floods, and strong typhoons can be avoided An abundance of resources instead of scarcity

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What is biodiversity?

Advantage of high biodiversity over low biodiversity



Landscape with native plants. Avoid invasive species. Try xeriscaping in places where water supplies are limited.

What are the small ways that you think would promote safekeeping our biodiversity? Avoid using herbicides,  fungicides, and pesticides.   Build a haven for bugs and  birds and other beasts on your yard.   Donate to a non-profit  organization for biodiversity promotion.   Help five friends or relatives build a  micro- and macrilobiotic sanctuary in their garden . I think the first prerequisite for protecting the  biodiversity is to preserve a large and healthy ecosystem.  Naturally, the size depends on the size of the species,  and the amount it requires to meet its biological needs.  Bio-corridors that connect wild patches of nature, such as bushes and trees  in the center of agricultural landscapes, must be promoted on a smaller scale.  This is also possible to maintain the quietness  and offer biodiversity in parks and private gardens.  Plants of flower  attracting pollinators etc.

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