Do people really need technology in their lives? Is it really a necessity


technology is not a requirement to live a life for people but it helps and aid in simplifying things of everyday tasks from common to the most complex.

No. Because we survived without technology. Actually, technology is important but it can also affect our health. It can blurry our eyes if we watch many times on gadgets, it will affect our urine if we did not stop playing gadgets, etc.

No, people can live without technology because technology is technically not one of humans basic needs, We just need technology in terms of entertainment and for information needs in our daily lives like in work. There's much more needed than technology.


(own opinion)

in this pandemic i think it is because almost all of our daily lives depends on it our work and our studies. Most of the students didn't get to school because they do not have an gadgets to use.

In the present , Yes.


Before technology was born people live a normal life without advance machineries and they are just fine but we can't run away from innovation and we need it (now) in order to live easier because of effects of globalization.


because  you have the doors




Technology is useful it helps us in daily lives.Technology  can be harmful if you use it in the wrong way or abused it.Technology has become a part of our lives.Imagine no technology people will be bored, people working with pc's gonna lose their job.




Because technology has made life easier for us,from advanced medicine to advanced machinery.


we can live with or without technology


because we used to be able to live with/without technologies. when we doesn't have a technologies we can use some books or even our own knowledges but if we had a technology we can do it easily



sa situation natin ngayon parang hindi na tayo nabubuhay kung wala ng technology lahat nalang kasi ng nakapaligid satin ay puro technology napaapadali ang mga gawain ng mga mga tao

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