How does green house effect cause global warming?


For a clearer understanding, Green House Effect is the process wherein the the radiation from the earth's atmosphere warms the earth's surface to above level of temperature that causes global warming.

This global warming is when our over temperature gradually increases attributed by Green House Effect because of increased level of Carbon Dioxide Chlorofluorocarbon and other pollutants.   

From the increased level of Carbon Dioxide Chlorofluorocarbon and other pollutants produced world wide, we are now facing global warming and climate change. We are currently facing a silent threat to mankind because of Climate Change. We are encourage to minimize the use of products that can cause the emission of  green house gases and participate with a lot of activities and campaign to prevent global warming. 

The green house affects the biodiversity and gradual extinction in many ways. Because of green house effect, the green house gasses can't be released to the space that causes an increase of heat in our planet. The effect of this can be a Global warming which can cause mass extinction of Plants, animals and even humans can be extinct  because too much heat that is  being absorbed by earth.


the atmosphere has greenhouse effect that reduces substantially the upward flux of longwave radiation emitted by the Earth's surface before it reaches the top of the atmosphere, helping to maintain the warm climate at Earth's surface

Greenhouse effect occurs when gases in the Earth's atmosphere trap the sun's heat.


This process makes Earth much warmer than it would be without an atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is one of the things that makes Earth a comfortable place to live.

Greenhouse effect happens when greenhouse gases like (carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor etc.) increases its amount in the atmosphere brought about by human activities like burning fossil fuels like transportation and power plant. Greenhouse gases traps or absorbs the heat from solar radiation which increases the temperature of the atmosphere resulting to greenhouse effect and would lead to global warming. Greenhouse effect not only contribute to global warming but also climate change. That is why human activities should be controlled to preserve our Earth and its resources.

Here are the list of Greenhouse gases:

Water vaporCarbon oxide  

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