The enzyme in the saliva that partially digests carbohydrates is .

a. pepsin
b. pytalin
c. amylopsin
d. steapsin ​


The enzyme in the saliva is that partially digests carbohydrates is called Salivary Amylase.



Enzymes is defined as biological molecules that speed up the rate of the chemical reactions that happens inside the cells.  The usual enzymes are made of proteins. They are considered to be highly selective catalysts for they only speed up a certain reaction.

Enzymes are important for human life and for the functions in the body like digestion and metabolism.

Enzymes can be used to break large molecules into smaller pieces so that the nutrients from foods can be easily absorbed by the body. On the other hand, there are enzymes that bind two molecules together to produce a new one.


During the process of food digestion, the first step is chewing. As the food enters the mouth, it releases saliva. Saliva consist of enzymes that helps in important biological functions.

Salivary enzymes act as catalyst that help speed up or catalyze the rate of chemical reactions in the body. This function is needed in order to stimulate digestion and absorption of energy from food we eat.

Major Enzymes in Saliva Salivary amylase - other name is ptyalin; it breaks down carbohydrates in starches into smaller and simpler sugarsSalivary kallikrein - produces the biological compound called vasodilator which dilate blood vessels Lingual lipase - it breaks down triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerides

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Saliva contains the enzyme amylase, also called ptyalin, which is capable of breaking down starch into simpler sugars such as maltose and dextrin that can be further broken down in the small intestine.

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