What you do at home which help reduce your impact on the environment or help improve your natural surroundings?


What you do at home which help reduce your impact on the environment or help improve your natural surroundings?

1.) When posting answers in I usually put #answerforTrees, because the BrainlyPH are planting 1 tree for every 100 of this hashtag somewhere. This is one of the best way to help our environment.

2.) We are regulating our consumption of water, such as using used water to water our plants and clean our toilet.

3.) Recycling our trash and proper waste disposal.

4.) Planting flowers and trees on our backyard to increase shades and increase oxygen level into the surrounding atmosphere.

5.) Conserving energy, such as electricity.




Things to do at home that can reduce my impact and can help improve the natural surrounding.

There are so many ways on how to reduce my impact on the environment and how will I contribute for our natural surroundings.

1.) Conservation of energy like gasoline and electricity.

2.) Reading a lot of books, instead of crouching around the corner and lying in bed for a long time to use mobile phones.

3.) Using the hashtags when posting answers inPhilippines, such as #answerforTrees and #CarryOnLearning in order to help not just the environment, but the patients and frontliners of the existing pandemic in our country.

4.) Doing artworks regarding the importance of our natural surroundings and posting it on different social media platforms, not to gain attention but to raise awareness and remind people that the nature needs us and we need the nature as well.

5.) Planting trees and ornamental plants inside and along the front of our home, to promote greener and healthier environment.





You may go out and water the plants in your garden. With this, you may help your plants grow and may contribute to the community. You may also plant some trees, but it may take a larger effort to do so. Another simple thing we can do is to learn how to segregate or simply throwing out the trash properly. A simple thing like this may help our community. You can also spread awareness especially Social Media is a big thing in this generation.

Please help protect Mother Earth!

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