Which organelle produces energy for the cell and is the area of cellular respiration?

a. chlorophyll
b. mitochondria
c. golgi complex
d. rough endoplasmic reticulum


I think its a. chlorophyll.

c. golgi complex is the answer

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Chlorophyll is a green pigment present in plants and other organism that performs photosynthesis. This green pigment captures light energy from the sun that is vital in the process of photosynthesis. On the other hand, mitochondria is an organelle of the cell that in charge of biochemical processes of respiration and production of energy. It is also known to be called as the  "powerhouse of the cell"


Chlorophyll helps in storing the energy and uses carbon dioxide and water to make glucose energy while mitochondria are the site of beta oxidative, photorespiration, oxidative phosphorylation, etc.

answer: Mitochondria are responsible for cellular respiration and energy metabolism. Mitochondria are present in the cells of all types of aerobic organisms like plants and animals, whereas Chloroplast is present in green plants and some algae, protists like Euglena. Mitochondria is the colourless, bean shape organelles.




because mitochondria is also known as the power house of the cell which produces energy and where cellular respiration takes

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