Disscuss methods of observational astronomy



composite cones or stratovolcanoes - are large, nearly perfect slope structure formed from alternate solidification of both lava and pyroclastic deposits.

one example of that is:

- mayon volcano

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Optical Telescopes

The invention of the optical telescope revolutionised our knowledge of astronomy by making distant objects appear closer and therefore larger.

Radio Telescopes

Radio astronomy was born when a telephone engineer Karl Jansky (1905-1950) was looking for sources of static noise affecting radiotelephone communications.

Infrared Astronomy

Observing in the infrared is limited to only a few wavelength ranges due to absorption by CO2 and water vapour in the Earth's atmosphere.

X-Ray Astronomy

A rocket borne experiment launched in 1962, provided the first direct evidence that some celestial objects are strong X-ray emitters.

Gamma Ray Astronomy

During the cold war, the US military launched a series of satellites called Vela that were designed to ensure compliance with the 1963 nuclear test ban treaty.




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