How do living things in a coral reef ecosystem interact with each other?



ang youtube ay sinimulan ng dating mga empleyado ng paypal na sina steve chen, chad hurley at jawed karim. noong 2006, binili ito ng google at naging sangay ng kumpanya. nagsimula ang istorya sa paggawa ng youtube noong ang tatlong magkakaibigan ay nahihirapan sa pagpasa ng mga video ng isang dinner party sa bahay ni chen sa san francisco, california. ang pinakaunang video na nai-upload sa youtube ay pinamagatang me at the zoo na kung saan mapapanood si jawed karim na nasa san diego zoo sa san diego, california.

When a cell divides it copies each one of its chromosomes prior to dividing. the process of mitosis results in one full set of chromosomes at the pole of each cell. the cell then divides into two cells. each of these two new cells has one full set of chromosomes. 

fyi if you don't know: the dna is part of the chromosome.

The coral reef ecosystem is a diverse collection of species that interact with each other and the physical environment. The sun is the initial source of energy for this ecosystem. Through photosynthesis, phytoplankton, algae, and other plants convert light energy into chemical energy. As animals eat plants or other animals, a portion of this energy is passed on.



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