How does frontliners fight Covid-19 pandemic?



there is hope


they are fighting the virus and still fighting even if they die

1.Communication with Human Resource

2.Communication with Accounts

3.Communication with Food and Beverage Department

4.Communication with Marketing and Sales Department

5.Communication with Housekeeping

6.Communication with Banqueting

They are staying Hospitals for hours on end to find the cure or the vaccine to covid 19


At the forefront of the fight against the virus are our healthcare workers and various frontliners. Daily, they face the hazard of infection with their mantra: “We go to work for you. Please stay at home for us.”

Healthcare workers who directly work with COVID-positive patients are outnumbered; and due to their first-hand exposure, some staff require quarantine themselves - reducing their numbers. Another big challenge for frontliners is the lack of medical supplies including Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).

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