Suppose a father of blood type B and a mother of blood type o
have a child of type 0. What are the chances that their next child
will be



kala ko ba filipino to


diko po ma explain sorry

c.25 percent


I^b i

I^a I^a I^b I^ai

i I^b i ii

25% type ab

25%type b

25% type a

25% type o

C. 50 %


Aa= 25%

Bb= 25%

so the chance of their first child will have the blood type of O is 50%

b yan lang


siguro yan tama


iskeletut kalabomes



There is a 50% chance that each son will have hemophilia. There is a 50% chance that each daughter will be a carrier of the hemophilia gene.


D. 0%


nasa isang tanong mo yung punnett square na ginawa ko ibase mo nalang:)


B. ¼...


That's the answer...( Btw I'm Lhea! )...

type B


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