Benny guessed it would take 2.5 seconds for a thunderclap 500 m away to reach their area. Assuming that thunderclap moves in dry air at 450 m/s, is Benny correct in his assumption? (Hint: solve for time and see if it is the same as Beny's answer.)​


hypertension because high blood pressure is A.K.A hypertension

answer A system sounds like some serious thing you might find in an office somewhere, but systems are all around us, even if you don't know it. Your school has a system for how people move between classrooms, when you learn certain subjects, and when lunch happens. A computer is a system that takes inputs and turns them into outputs. A simple light bulb is a system because it takes electrical energy in and gives light energy out. Your body contains many systems, including the circulatory system that passes blood between your heart, lungs, and other parts of the body:



It is because of static electricity or would commonly become as a temporary magnet. It is created through friction.

Nope, there are mutations. 

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Ko alam. ( i don't know )hindi po ayus yung tanong, nandito lang para sa points. (the question is poorly written, i am just here for the points.) nalang kita ng facts ( let me just...Read More
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Metals have lesser valence electrons than non-metals while all noble gases have 8 valence electrons except for the helium, which has 2 valence electrons......Read More
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Because it gave rain which provide help for there consumption on their crop...Read More
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