List down the benificial effects of wet and dry season in the philippines

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1. birds chirp- tweeet. tweet.2. heartbeat - lubdub lubdub3. hush - .4. hiss of a snake - hi.5. trickle of water drop - drip. drop. ...Read More
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Gasoline - used as fuel for vehicles, cars and etc. Kerosene - used as fuel for Lamps , and other materials such as for gas stove and it an also used to remove paint. LPG - used fo...Read More
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The revolving nosepiece which holds the objectives....Read More
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the core is a 2003 science-fiction film wherein the world is about to encounter its impending doom because the earth’s outer core is stalling. it is revealed by a geophysicist that...Read More
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answer: ano ba gumawa ka ng sarili moexplanation: journalism is something which you expresses yourself to something you observes and want to share your works....Read More
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The gland cannot make enough thyroid hormone if it does not have enough iodine in the blood, so taking iodized salt is helpful..that's the best...Read More
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