Refers to the evangelical movement that emphasizes the gift of the holy spirit


skwelag tarung loy. dili mag salig sa internet, use your mind to construct words for you to practice and learn. dili kay puro raka ML.


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I donk what is answer

No We won't stop serving the Lord


2. I will let the Lord do his will for the people who did that to my family

He spent most of his missionary life in the Philippines, where he founded numerous towns in Luzon and authored several religious and linguistic books, most notably the Doctrina Cristiana (Christian Doctrine), the first book ever printed in the Philippines


Discernment is defined as the ability to notice the fine-point details, the ability to judge something well or the ability to understand and comprehend something. Noticing the distinctive details in a painting and understanding what makes art good and bad is an example of discernment.

ano po Ang tanong?


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They are the Pentecostals

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