What question can i ask in christian people?


my feelings are firm and respectful


because I like it helps people

How Jesus change your life?
Where God came from?

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Religion, 15.11.2019, snow01
Opo dahil respitohin ang patay .kasi Nakakahiya naman namatayan na nga mag tatake out pa...Read More
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Religion, 16.11.2019, Jelanny
Being a Christian, I believe that there's a life after death because the life after is referring to our life in heaven or in hell. I believe that either we go in heaven or in hell....Read More
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answer:Hindi. Explanation:Dahil ang Diyos mismo ang nagtatag ng pamilya kaya't mahalaga ang pagpapakasal. Mahalaga ang legal na kasal para maging masaya ang pamilya dahil nagbibiga...Read More
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Religion, 28.11.2019, elaineeee
Learning to forgive oneself is the primary thing that a person should do for disobeying the commands of God. In times of difficulties especially when experiencing an early teenage...Read More
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