Discrimination against the sexlgbt community


1.Naawa , 2.?  , 3.gustong tumulong


1. kasi guso kung bigyan ang mga pulubi ng pagkain o pera pero bata pa ako at nag aaral at wla pang trabaho kaya wla akong mabigay. :( 2.?    3.kasi gusto kung tumulong lalot pagtatawid ng daan .



kasi ang alam nila ay ang turo ng dyos

I think we should not discrimate those LGBT community, because they are free to live in their own way in this world. We have no right to judge them i know God created only man and woman but they are also a human that we should respect, they are also a human that wants care and love, they are also a human that have a feelings, they are part of our life so instead of discriminating them we should understand and accept who they are and what they are because only the physical appearance is different but the we are one in our heart, we are one in our race.

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