Give an example how a person becomes wicked or sinful through the result of how s/he uses her capacity to choose. Write also how the person should have taken the better choice.


She might have a reason of choosing; by force etc. She might be adapting to the consequences of her own decision. An example would be:

Getting along with bad influence people/friends in order to feel less lonely and ending up totally ruining her life.

She could have taken a better choice if she had some time as well as someone to talk to. (Fellow SJHS student)



What is this vacancy residing in my heart ?

Now mistakes have become a part of my nature.

I'm the one who has fallen due to mercy.

O God, I've fallen,

When I got separated from you

Then I was destroyed

You're carrying with yourself so many sins

It's like money has become your God

Your moments spent are like the wind

You're walking like the flowing water

You've given me what I desired, everytime

You've become a criminal to yourself



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