Find the resultant displacement of a bear searching for berries on the mountain. the bear heads 55.0º north of west for 15.0 m; then it turns and heads to the west for another 7.00 m. (use trigonometry to answer, but remember to draw a diagram to help your understanding.) give both the magnitude and the angle in your answer.


The acceleration of the car is 0.5 m/s^2


In our case, the problem is about Motion in a Straight Line.

1. For the formula, we will use

V_{1} =V_{0} +at


V_{1}     is the final velocity, unit is in m/s

V_{0}     is the initial velocity, unit is in m/s

a      is the acceleration, unit is in m/s^2

2. Let us list the given information, we have:

V_{0} = 0 because the car starts from a stoplight

V_{1} = 10 m/s

t = 20 s

a = ?

3. Now, we are ready to solve for the acceleration.

Using the formula, V_{1} =V_{0} +at substitute the given information

V_{1} =V_{0} +at

10m/s =0 +a(20s)

Dividing both sides of the equation by 20s, we have:

\frac{10m/s}{20s} =\frac{a(20s)}{20s}

a = 0.5 m/s^2

Therefore, the acceleration of the car is 0.5 m/s^2.

To learn more about acceleration, just click on the following links:

Definition of acceleration


Formula for computing acceleration


Additional example



C, because its the only answer i know
You may find your answer with cosine rule after you have drawn the diagram. The answer should be 19.86m. The angle should be 16°46’.

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