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It would be 321.869 km/h

The other term of newtons third law of motion is inter action?
It depends on the person but generally speaking, yes

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givenM=10KGd=5mangle =30solve for the height first 5m*sin30=2.5mformula for potential energy isPE=mgh=(10kg)(9.8m/s^2)(2.5m)=245kg*m^2/s^2 or 245 J...Read More
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Vx is constant as always. vy will just keep decreasing/increasing by -/+9.8m/s every second (it depends on which one you put as positive)...Read More
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Acar p travels along a straight road with a constant speed v=65 mi/hr. at the instant when the angle pheta= 60 degrees, determine the values of r dot in ft/sec and pheta dot in deg...Read More
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40.425m/sExplanation:at some point the velocity of the ball will reach 0 so we can say that Vf=0then we have to divide the total time by 2 for upward and down ward motion of the ba...Read More
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