Why do we have to apply force to make objects move?


Because that the person we making dried fish and use calculation to how many days to dried the fish

time of drying i guess you need to calculate how many hours you have to dry the fish

Dry feeds may be ground, sifted, screened, mixed, compressed, expanded, texturized, coloured and flavoured. By one or more of these processes, a wide variety of ingredients can be prepared into a standardized product. Since most fish have size and texture preferences and often react to colour, odour, and flavour, processing research is an integral part of fish culture.


We need to apply forces to make objects move because objects doesn't have the ability to move. With human forces, human has the ability to make objects move, the larger the object, the larger force is needed.
Of course everything is needed to apply force/s because without force this thing or object will not move

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