The distance from each charge to point Q is 5.0 cm. Two charges, qA = + 2 μC and qB = –5 μC, are located at points A and B as shown. Calculate the total electric potential at point Q. Calculate the electric potential energy of this system of charges.


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Speed is about how fast you move or how fast an object is moving in a certain period of time. The quantities in determining the speed is the distance (d) an object travel over its time (t).

Base on the given definition of speed, we can have the mathematical expression of speed as, speed = distance / time.

The formula of speed is speed = distance / time (s = d/t)

The S.I. unit of time is second and the S.I. unit of distance is meter so the S.I. unit of speed is meter per second (m/s).

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3 + 3p

Step-by-step explanation:

3 times number p = 3p

3 more than 3 times the number p = 3 + 3p






The deflated balloon becomes inflated.

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