A car with an initial speed of 10 m/s comes to a stop after 20 seconds. What is its acceleration?


patawarin mo nawa ako ngunit kailangan ko ng points o puntos para makatanong at masagutan ito at makatulog na ako ng mahimbing patawad.

para sakin oo kasi kung wla tayong buhay wla rin tayo dito lupa n ito


-0.5 m/s^2


Vi = 10 m/s

total time = 20s

Find: acceleration (negative because the car slowed down to stop)

Equation: Vf = Vi + at

0 m/s = 10 m/s + a(20 s)

-10 m/s = a(20 s)

a = -0.5 m/s^2



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