A 4-year old child has a wagon with a mass of 60 kilograms. To accelerate the shopping cart down an aisle at 0.3 m/s2, how much force does she need to apply to the cart?


Both Boy X and Y are moving backwards


3rd Law of motion

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The force needed to apply to the cart is 18 N.


Here, we are to solve for the force to accelerate a cart. In this problem, we will apply the Newton's 2nd law of motion.

For the formula, we will use:

F = ma


F     is the force, unit is in Newtons, N

m    is the mass, unit is in kg

a     is the acceleration, unit is in m/s²

For the given information

m = 60 kg

a = 0.3 m/s²

F = ?

Solving the problem

Let us solve for the force needed to accelerate the cart using the given formula, we have:

F = ma

F = (60 kg)(0.3 m/s²)

F = 18 N

Therefore, the cart needs 18 N force to accelerate down the aisle.

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