1. What is the net force on the electron moving v = 3x10^4 m/s 25 degrees with respect to x-axis in the magnetic field in the if B = 5 T up?

2. Two long bar magnets, positioned on a table with their north poles facing each other, exert a force of 2.5 N on each other. If the distance between these two poles is doubled what is the new value of the force between them?



Velocityisthe shortest distance (displacement) travelled in a given time intravel.

It is a vector quantity.

Speed is the distance travelled

in an unitof time.

It is a scalar quantity.


Because if in a half hour a car can travel 40 km means if in a hour it can travel 80 km

The conditions to consider if something is in acceleration is that if there are progress, speeding up and growth.
Breflected back at you

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